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2.5in x 5in Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge CTO
10 micron

2.5in x 5in Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge CTO<br>10 micron<br>



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Pro Water Parts

- Activated Coconut Shell Carbon
- This cartridge is recommended for use with city and well water supplies
- Cartridge fits most standard filter housings

Part No: 2-250510-AC



Product Information:


Filter Media:Activated Carbon
Dimensions: 2.5 in. D x 0.5 in. L
Rating: 10 micron
Maximum operating temperature: 70 degrees C
Average Flow Rate: 6.25L/min (1.65gal/min)

- Wastes Vegetable Oil
- Whole House Water Filter Systems
- Reverse Osmosis Systems
- Drinking Water Filtration
- Fountain Beverage Filtration
- Espresso Filtration

- Eliminates chlorine bad taste and oder
- Coconut shell carbon block media
- Designed for maximum adsorption
- Absorbs natural organic taste and odor Compounds
- Polypropylene outer netting reduces sediment and particulte reduction