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110V 1/2 in NPT Brass Solenoid Valve

110V 1/2 in NPT Brass Solenoid Valve



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Specs: Normally Closed

Part No: 1-SB12110NC


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PWP series direct acting solenoid valve automatically opens and shuts to control the fluid flowing through the pipe. This valve is designed to allow maximum flow rate in a low-pressure pipeline system.

Direct acting feature allow the valve to open without pressure
High-quality rubber diaphragm creates a tight seal
IP65 rated

Working pressure: 0~20 bar (110 or 24 VAC coil)
Max pressure-resisting: 16bar
Applicable Fluid: compressed air water gas etc
Viscosity of the fluid: below 20cst
Fluid temperature: 80 C(NBR) 130 C(FKM)
Voltage variation allowed: 10%
Coil protection level: lp65
Recommended installation position: horizontally and the coil should face upward